DocumentsAbout Sprite Studio data

What to do when an error occurs when loading sspj (SpriteStudio data)

  • Check whether all of your project data is accounted for.
    Loading will fail when sspj, ssae, ssce, and reference images (textures) are not present.
  • Check whether double-byte characters are in use.
    Loading will fail when file names, part names, cell names, etc., contain double-byte (full-width) characters.
  • Check whether cell names contain spaces.
    Loading will fail when cell names contain spaces, so try renaming them and loading once again.
    *Animation names can contain spaces.
  • Only compatible with SpriteStudio Ver. 6.
    Data from the older SpriteStudio 5 version cannot be loaded. To use this, load it with SpriteStudio Ver. 6, adjust and save the data, and use the saved data

What to do when sspj (SpriteStudio data) animation is displayed as a square image

  • Check whether the reference image (texture) size is a power of 2.
    If the loaded image's size is not a power of 2 (32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096), it will not be displayed correctly, and square-shaped parts will be displayed.
    If it is a power of 2, there will be no problem even if it is not a perfect square.

What to do when you enter access time the instant SpriteStudio animation is created, or when the game stops for a moment

  • Check whether the data in use is too large.
    If there are a high number of parts and frames, it may stop momentarily when displaying.
    Delete unnecessary parts, and use shorter frame rates for data used in the game for a possible solution.