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Standards for Usable Resources


.png, .jpg, .webp, and .tga image formats can all be used as image resources.


TrueType fonts can be used in-game.
Fonts located in the project's [fonts] folder can be used.

BGM, SE, Voice

.ogg format files can be used as resources.
BGM, SE, or voice files follow the same specifications for looping. Embedded meta data is read to locate the sound section to repeat. However, when the execution environment does not support this feature, the entire file will be looped instead.


.webm and .mp4 format files can all be used as videos.


.gif and .sspj format files can all be used as animation resources.

Build Format

The game can be distributed as a Windows® .exe file. Select "File" from the menu bar, then "Build Game" to compile the executable.
All data other than TrueType fonts, BGM, SE, voice, video, and .dll files can be encrypted.

Project Archive

Use this when distributing project data.
Resource references can be set to a cleared state.

Data Import and Export

Scenes, tiles, animations, and objects containing project data created by this software can be exported individually. The data in these files can then be imported into other projects. All linked and related files are included during importing and exporting.