ObjectsWhat are objects?

Function Overview

Characters such as protagonists and enemies that move around on the field, as well as items and the various gimmicks placed on the field, are all called "objects". The tool that manages their behavior is "Objects".
Objects you've created can be placed for use in the scenes you've created by using the "Scene" tool. The various behaviors of the objects in a scene are called "Action Programs".

Action Boxes and Links

The action programs for an object are managed in a flowchart format. In this flowchart, the behavior of the object is displayed as a combination of various "Action Boxes" and "Links".
For example, the screen below shows an action program managing the behavior of an enemy character. You can register data for the character's motions, generated effects, and so on with action boxes such as "Rush" and "Wait". The arrows connecting them are "Links", and in this example they can register the conditions needed to switch from "Rush" to "Wait". By combining action boxes and links in this way, you can implement various behavior patterns.