Getting StartedFeatures of This Software

Programming-Free Game Creation

In Pixel Game Maker MV, you can complete your own original action game without doing any programming at all. Since it's an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that uses a flow chart-style system, even a beginner can have fun making games with it. However, you can also use it to create games that are as complex as you like by mastering skills such as adding features in JavaScript.

Support For 4-Player Multiplayer

You can create multiplayer action games using this program. Simultaneous local play by up to 4 people is supported. You can create both VS gameplay and co-op gameplay.

Creating Games Using Physics Calculations

This is the first entry in the Maker series with support for physics calculations. By making use of behavior unique to physics calculations, such as objects rolling down slopes or bouncing into the air on springs, you can come up with new gameplay elements that were impossible to achieve in previous Maker titles.

Achieving Richly Expressive Game Design

This program is packed with a variety of features, such as a graphics import function, screen and object rotation and scaling/zooming, multiple combined layer function, and particle effects. By putting them to good use, you should be able to simply and easily create the ideal game of your dreams.