TransitionsWhat are Transitions?

Function Overview

The "Transitions" tool links together the various scenes created with the Scenes tool. Here you can configure "Screen Flow" and "Portal Transfer". Select "Transitions" from the tool selection menu, and click the tab to switch between the two screens.

Screen Flow

In "Screen Flow", you can configure the flow for transitioning from scene to scene and the conditions for that transition in a flow chart format. You should configure the transition from title screen to stage, from the stage clear screen to the next stage, and your transition from the Game Over screen and so on with Screen Flow.

Portal Transfer

"Portal Transfer" allows you to manage points (portals) where players can move from one scene to another scene. You should use "Portal Transfer" to configure the link between the inside and outside of buildings and transitions such as the spot where you can move from the edge of the field to an adjacent field.。