ScenesWhat Is A Scene?

Function Overview

The tool that actually constructs the various scenes within the game is called "Scenes". Each individual scene is created here, including the fields where the player character moves around as well as title screens, various menus, and so on.
Most scenes can be created by placing tiles to create a field, then placing objects on it. You can also set up camera positions and movements, and incorporate elements such as behaviors that use physics calculations.

Types of Parts

Various parts can be placed in a scene, including tiles and objects. We'll introduce the different types of parts here.


A tile created in the "Tile" tool. By placing tiles in a scene, you can create a field for the player characters to move around in.


An object created in the "Object" tool. Many things can be designated as objects, including player characters and enemies, items, gimmicks on the field, and other displayed items.

Physics Calculation Parts

Parts that have various effects within the game, based on physics calculations. These parts are generally split into two types, round or square "objects", and "tools" that operate upon them, such as springs or explosions. By putting the two together, you can implement all kinds of behaviors. Also, with a few exceptions, you can change the colors of physics calculation parts, or attach images to them as textures.


Camera You can position the camera and control its viewpoint. You can also create sequences in which designated objects can follow the camera, or the camera can move along a specified course.
(Linear, Curved, Circular)
Can be set up in various shapes. Courses are not displayed within the game. They can be used to set an object or camera to run along a course.
Place Slope Slopes can be set up at various angles. Slopes are not displayed within the game. They can affect the behavior of objects, and have various effects.