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Lecture on material and damage handling

『Shooting Chicken』 by Kohei Gallery

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①How to Create a Scene

Shooting Chicken is largely divided into three types of resources to work with; collision detection, sound effect detection ID, and terrain mapping. By dividing resources clearly in this way, it helps to prevent being overwhelmed by data in the process of creating a game.


②How to Deal with Damage and Invincibility

To enable damage detection, you need to adjust the Collision Detection settings on the animation tab. There are several types of collision detection; you can set the Collision Detection for the side taking damage, as well as the Attack Detection for the side dealing damage. Select the frame you want to add the detection to on the timeline at the bottom of the screen and set the range and location of the Collision Detection.


③Creating Sound Effects for Footsteps

In Pixel Game Maker MV, you can set footsteps sounds effects that are played when the characters move. Creating a single footstep sound effect is easily managed with Pixel Maker MV.