#3: “Hexahole”

Hexahole [RPG maker MV]

Creator : Kanji the Grass


“Hexahole” is an escape adventure game with a mysterious and intriguing worldview. The game begins in complete darkness. The game starts in total darkness. You are unable to move, and all you are aware of is that you can change the parts of your body!
By putting on the “mole head”, which is only selectable at this point, you are able to see your surroundings. Only the torso is the player’s true figure, with no arms, legs, or head. The player can perform various abilities and actions by attaching the carcasses (body parts of dead animals) that fall around. The story is untold, but the unique atmosphere stimulates imagination and theories. The game cycle of solving gimmicks and progressing by fully utilizing the collected parts, makes this escape game a fun trial-and-error experience.

Niconico-DIY-Game-Fes Award – RPG Maker Award Winner

Interview Questions for Kanji the Grass

  1. What made you create this game?
  2. My game release on Steam (*1) pushed me to create it while I was wandering between the roles of free game author and indie game developer.
    I felt that free games were something to enjoy the creation process, and that the balance between supply and demand is maintained by the players enjoying the developer’s creation. In contrast to free games, I thought that many indie games were paid for and had a strong business component, so I supposed that if the game did not have an appealing concept or visual, people would not download it. I became even more convinced of this theory after publishing on Steam. When I was in a slump, conflicted between what I wanted to make and what people would actually play, I used an idea generation method called a mandala chart (*2) and came up with “Hexahole”, which was a compromise between my conflicting two thoughts.

  3. What is the must-see point of this game?
  4. “Hexahole” can increase its capabilities and progress by covering itself with carcasses, as the concept of “Wearing carcasses to progress” suggests.
    I hope players have fun with the common RPG experience of “being able to go to places later that you couldn’t get to the first time” in less than an hour of play time.
    The game has two endings, both of which end like a short Sci-Fi. Even if you are not good at solving puzzles, we hope you can follow along with the game tips on the blog (*3).

  5. What are your favorite games / games that inspired you?
  6. When free games like “Ao Oni” and “The Witch’s House” were popular on Nico Nico Douga, I bought RPG Maker VX Ace. These free games influenced my creation of “Hexahole.” “Yume Nikki,” an exploration free game in which the main character’s state changes, expanding the area in which she can advance, also had a strong influence on me.

  7. What do you prioritize when you create games?
  8. I try not to set the goal as “completing the work” but rather to create it slowly while enjoying and learning from it.

  9. Could you tell us about the advantages of using RPG Maker?
  10. When I refused to attend junior high, I spent my time learning RPG Maker, which led to programming becoming my strength.
    Not only that, but I was able to release games on Steam, exhibit at the Digi Game Expo (an exhibition for indie game developers), and interact with RPG Maker users in Japan and around the world, sharing tips and information, thanks to the RPG Maker series.

    *1 Store page of the game published on Steam

    *2 Mandala chart diagram created in Excel (at the bottom of the article)

    *3 “Hexahole” Game Tips

GGG Dev Team Comment

This was a wonderful work in its focus on the ability to combine parts of a carcass to acquire a variety of actions, as I mentioned in my comments at the Niconico-DIY-Game-Festival. The game’s unique setting, in which the player has only a torso, gives the impression of horror, but it is turned into a unique system in which body parts can be freely replaced,creating the game’s unique UX. The invention and transformation of ideas is a critical component of creation. The ability to create something that other creators did not think of is also a talent. This work has an intriguing concept!

Game Highlights

When we think of a game system like “Power Up Yourself by Changing Parts,” the first thing that comes to mind is a mechanical body, such as a robot or cyborg. However, when it comes to a living body, it becomes mysterious and intriguing. Players will naturally be curious about who they are and what drives them to progress. It is critical to begin the game with a major mystery!

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