#5: “Ib”

Ib【RPG maker MV

Creator: kouri

This horror adventure game is set in a museum with intriguing and fascinating artworks on display. A young girl, Ib, attempts to return to the real world and must solve various puzzles on her way. The original game was created with ‘RPG Maker 2000,’ and it is still one of the most well-known indie RPG Maker games, loved by many fans even ten years later. There have been numerous Let’s Plays of this marvelous game – so many that it is highly likely that a lot of gamers have seen someone else play this game somewhere. Due to this overwhelming popularity, a remake version was released on Steam in 2022.
Ib (Nintendo Switch) Released on March 9, 2023

Interview Questions for kouri

  1. What made you create this game?
  2. I wanted to do something special for the 10th anniversary of the release of the original free version of Ib, and I also had some time on my hands.

  3. What is the must-see point of this game?
  4. The art works in the exhibition are must-sees.

  5. What are your favorite games / games that inspired you?
  6. I feel like every game I’ve ever played has inspired me in some way.
    Recently I’ve been playing “Splatoon 3”.

  7. What do you prioritize when you create games?
  8. As little text as possible, but also keeping it clear.

  9. Could you tell us about the advantages of using RPG Maker?
  10. The advantage of using RPG Maker is that you do not need to be able to program to make games if you have passion and patience, and also, even if you get stuck in the production process, it has usually been solved by people who have had the same problems as you with answers readily available from the community.

RPG Maker Dev Team Comment:

Ib is indeed one of the most iconical titles of RPG Maker history. Some say it is one of the titles that helped spark the Let’s Play video popularity we are having in recent years. The charm of this title is really the mysterious atmosphere surrounding the environment and the interesting relationship between Ib and Garry. This is one of the games that you want to play for yourself once even if you may have already watched someone else play. Kouri’s unique world really has such a charm that draws players toward it.

Must-See Highlights

The deep, beautiful relationship between Ib and Garry.
Garry is a reliable, charming companion to Ib who is trapped inside the mysterious museum. While the way he talks certainly does not make him feel like the most trust-worthy, the contrast of Garry’s personality and Ib’s vulnerability in this strange world make for some great chemistry. It can be that this is one of the main reasons that fans consider Ib to be one of the greatest RPG Maker titles.

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