Pixel Game Maker MV Game Submission

Submission for Pixel Game Maker Games for Nintendo Switch

We are now accepting development and sales applications for Nintendo Switch games created with “Pixel Games Maker MV.” The application has a total of three steps. * Gotcha Gotcha Games Co., Ltd. will perform the sales activities, following the conclusion of a sales contract with creators and development businesses,.

(1) Site Registration for Sales Conditions

*This step is completed on a standard internet browser.
Before registering your game, you must register in “Applying to Access the Terms and Conditions for Nintendo Switch Edition Release and Sales of Games Created by Pixel Game Maker” which can be accessed in the URL below.
Once your application has been approved, you will be received e-mail about the Terms and Conditions related to the sales, such as the rates.

Registration Form

*This form using Google Forms. If you do not have access to Google services, such as if you live in mainland China, please contact us from the inquiry form with these words “Regarding Pixel Game Maker MV Switch Registration for Sales Conditions”.

(2) Apply for developer registration

*This step needs to be completed within [Pixel Game Maker MV].
Please go to “Settings” -> “Nintendo Switch” section and select “Apply for developer registration.” Once your application is accepted, the build function for Nintendo Switch and other development menus will unlocked to you.
*Prior registration of a Nintendo Account (https://accounts.nintendo.com/) is required.

(3) Apply for sales application

*This step needs to be completed within [Pixel Game Maker MV].
Please register your project file in the “Nintendo Switch” section of the “Settings” by clicking “Apply for sales application.”
We will notify you of the review outcome via the email address you provided.
What steps are applicable to you: