Notice of Revision of Terms for “Pixel Game Maker MV”

Regarding the currently released game development software “Pixel Game Maker MV”
We will be revising the terms.
The purpose of the revision is as follows:
  1. Update of expressions that are not in line with the current situation, such as “company name” and “network authentication.”
  2. Similar to the terms of use revision scheduled for implementation in May 2023, clarify that the included materials in the product of “Action Game Maker MV” can be used by entities other than our products.
  3. Addition of sample games where the use of included materials for a fee is not permitted.
  4. Changes to the specified rights notation for user games.
These are the main objectives of the revision.
The new terms will be applicable from one month after today, December 27, 2023 (Wed), starting from January 27, 2024 (Sat).
For detailed changes, please refer to the comparison table.

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