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    Please contact us after acknowledging the following in advance.

    * Currently, only Japanese and English are supported.

    * We cannot answer information other than our products or detailed operation methods of the software. In addition, we may not be able to answer depending on the content of your question.

    * Depending on the concentration of inquiries and the confirmation status, it may take several days to respond.

    * Depending on your reception settings, we may not be able to deliver the reply email from us normally. If you do not receive a reply within "5 business days" after making an inquiry, please check the reception settings and contact us again.

    * Personal information provided when making inquiries will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

    For PC mail

    Please check if it is sorted to the "junk mail folder" of your e-mail software or provider.

    For mobile phone mail

    Please cancel the mail rejection setting with URL and set so that you can receive mail from your computer.