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Announced 12 new game titles at INDIE Live Expo II

At the online event INDIE Live Expo II held on Saturday, November 7, 2020
We have announced 12 new game titles.

All titles were created using Pixel Game Maker MV.

[Pixel Game Maker Series MEDIUM-NAUT]
[Pixel Game Maker Series Puzzling Pedestrians]
[Pixel Game Maker Series STEOS -Sorrow song of Bounty hunter-]
[Pixel Game Maker Series DUNGEON OF NAZARICK]
[Pixel Game Maker Series The Witch and The 66 Mushrooms]
[Pixel Game Maker Series Werewolf Princess Kaguya]
[Pixel Game Maker Series Osyaberi! Horijo! Horislash]
[Pixel Game Maker Series DRAGON PEAK]

8 titles are original titles from Gotcha Gotcha Games Co., Ltd.
Takumi Naramura (author of “LA-MULANA”),
Kenichi Nishi (author of “moon”, “Chibi-Robo!”, Etc., Route24 Co., Ltd.), etc.
We are proceeding with development with the cooperation of many creators and development companies.

[Pixel Game Maker Series Steel Sword Story S]
[Pixel Game Maker Series 武雷銃 ~Galaxy Storm~]
[Pixel Game Maker Series SnowFighters]
[Pixel Game Maker Series BLOCK SLIME CAVE]

The 4 titles have been licensed by creators who have created and announced games using “Pixel Game Maker MV”.
It will be sold as a title for Nintendo Switch™ by Gotcha Gotcha Games Co., Ltd.
In addition to the titles announced this time, we will continue to prepare original titles, etc.
Regarding sales of creator titles for Nintendo Switch™,
We will consult with creators so that we can sell more titles both in Japan and overseas.

We look forward to working with you, creators and players.