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Pixel Game Maker Series REMOTE BOMBER

  • Steam
  • Nintendo eShop
Easy to play, but not easy to complete! Can you get the NO KILL BONUS?

Remote Bomber is classically styled old-school action puzzle game.

You can move left and right and climb ladders, but you can’t even jump!
Your only weapon is the placement and detonation of remote control bombs.
Avoid the Security Robots and destroy all Jammers with these limited actions.

[Technical Bonus]
Complete stages without killing any enemies, or kill many enemies simultaneously, to earn a technical bonus.
You need to think carefully to aim for the highest scores!
Achieve high scores in both Arcade and Stage Select modes and get in the top 10!

It seems so simple, but you’ll have to be clever to figure out the various ways to solve each stage.

Ride on top of an enemy.
Take advantage of the high ground.
Choose your detonation timing.
Modify the stage by breaking blocks.

If you always focus on the easy solve, you are likely to get stuck and have to retry.
Are you up for the challenge of becoming the Remote Bomber?

In far future, humans are able to use telepathy by implanting a special next-generation communication device. However, the government is trying to dominate the citizens by abusing this device.
You have discovered this evil plan with your comrades. Now you must destroy the “Jammer” devices deployed by the government, which are preventing the use of older communication methods.

Arrow keys or directional pad: Move
Space key or A button: Deploy and detonate remote bomb
G key or Y button: Pause (and retry)








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