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Pixel Game Maker Series Werewolf Princess Kaguya

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You can strategically capture the stage by using Kaguya Hime and the wolf properly.
A high-tension vertically scrolling action game.

One stage, 10 minutes! Vertical scrolling action game is here!
『Werewolf Princess Kaguya』 is a nostalgic dot-style depiction of the Heian period You can use the werewolf and the kaguya to strategically conquer the stage An arcade-like high-tension vertical scrolling action game.

To stop Mother Kaguya, Queen of the Moon, from planning an invasion of Earth Kaguya, cursed to become a wolf, stands up. Set in the Heian period, a mother and daughter engage in a grueling battle across the universe!

■Kaguya and the werewolf
Kaguya can perform two attacks: slashing (melee) and shooting (long range). When the tension gauge, which is charged when you defeat an enemy, is full, you can use it to It can turn into a werewolf. Although the werewolf is a melee attack only It has a very high attack power, and defeating enemies also restores HP You can turn the tables when surrounded by enemies.

Defeating enemies earns you experience points and levels up when the stage is cleared or the game is over. You’ll earn SKILL POINT as you level up.Strengthen your kaguya by setting up skills like “Damage Reduction” and “Increasing Damage”.

Weapons are unlocked when you clear certain conditions.
Different weapons have different attack power and range depending on the stage. Use it strategically. You can also use GOLD to level up, so
Grow your favorite weapon.

■The stage
Each stage takes about 10 minutes to complete, so you can play easily.
The map contains doors and switches that can only be opened by defeating enemies. The gimmick to advance to the next step is placed so that you can get through the attack Let’s capture it. There are hidden places in the stage where you can enter the side streets, such as GOLD
There are treasures to look for and get.








Release date

Nintendo Switch



Vertical scrolling action



SERIALGAMES inc. Character Design:大崎ペコ丸